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Morgan Update | Our Park County Community

Morgan and her home have come a long way since first meeting Ray and Homes From The Heart CO. With the help from friends and HFTH, Morgan's home is nearly finished.


HFTH helped Morgan purchase materials, contributing when she could. She recruited her friends to help with installation, drywalling, taping and painting. Her kitchen cabinets, which she has acquired a while back, have finally been set and installed. Her bathroom floors are fully tiled. The driveway, septic system, framing and electrical have all passed inspections and she is very close to gaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the county. In the beginning of her journey, this task was daunting and causing Morgan immense stress and worry. We are so happy to have provided her help where she needed it and to see her work so hard to get to this point -- her dream of owning and taking care of her very own home. 


Morgan has always been self-sufficient and determined to make this house her home. She never accepts a hand-out, but welcomes help when she needs it and finishes her goals with hard work. Meanwhile, through running her business and finishing her home, Morgan has been successfully recovering from cataract surgery -- a testament of her perseverance and grit.


Donations and your time are greatly appreciated. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


See a gallery of photos from the recent work completed in Morgan's home.

Watch Morgan's first interview video below.


- Written by Kat, Marketing - Homes From The Heart CO