Our Mission

Homes From The Heart CO brings "Hope and a Home" to veterans, disabled, elderly, and single-parent/young families in Park Country, Colorado. We build low-cost, sustainable houses for those who are on the brink of homelessness. 

Housing is an essential ingredient to promoting a healthy and secure life.  Hot water and septic systems bring a cleaner, healthier environment and less illnesses.  Refrigeration makes possible a healthier food assortment with more fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat. 

Stoves and ovens open up a universe of healthy meal options replacing prepared foods.

Together, we are a catalyst for the larger vision of improving physical health and mental health in our community.  Hope carries with it the desire for persistence toward a dream.  Dreams keep people alive and participating.  Participation carries the contagious hope to others. Occasional successes keep the fires of hope alive. Your small part of safe, sanitary, and secure housing is a huge success in peoples lives resulting in hope touching those around them. Mental and physical health promotes creativity touching every aspect of a person’s desire to help themselves as well as help others. Homes are what we do, yet community is what we are all about!

These living situations affect the safety and the health of the larger community! For some, we are their last chance, hope is fading and homelessness is their destination without positive intervention.

Your joining the cause with Homes From The Heart is the only hope left for many.