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Chris Update | Our Park County Community

We've made progress with improving Chris's living conditions over the past few months. During the summer, we framed a wall on the interior of Chris's shipping container dwelling to allow more efficient heating and cooling. We also framed the front entrance, complete with a window and secure door. Chris can now close and lock his dwelling much easier than maneuvering the large, heavy metal door.

Most recently, we installed a ceiling inside of the container. It is now fully insulated and requires little energy to heat. In addition, we purchased the components for a small solar system which will nearly eliminate the need for Chris to run a generator. We facilitated a successful repair on his wood splitter and it is now in full working order.

Just as these major improvements came together, Chris unfortunately suffered a significant health scare and spent some time in the hospital. He is now recovering and showing improvement in his health back on his property. Several neighbors check in with him frequently.​​​​​​​

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continuous support and donations. The updates written in this blog are a direct result of your kindness. We continue to gather donations to help others in need and to make progress with current projects. Please share this blog, our website and donation link.

- Written by Kat, Marketing - Homes From The Heart CO