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Meet Morgan | Our Park County Community

Meet Morgan, a member of our Park County community. As a single mother, Morgan made a tough decision to leave a negative family dynamic in her home state. She learned of the affordable land in Park County, and decided to use the money gifted by a family member to buy her own plot in hopes of creating a new life for herself and her daughter. Morgan began earning money cleaning vacation rentals and lived in a small cabin on her land.

As the days went on, she quickly began learning of the regulations for housing set forth by the county and unfortunately her dwelling wasn't meeting them. Every situation that was introduced to her was new -- she didn't know how to purchase a home, let alone get it up to code. Morgan reached a point where she needed the help of others to stay on her land. Morgan was introduced to Ray Lyons at Homes From The Heart CO. Together, and with the help of others in our organization, they raised money and began building Morgan her very own small, sanitary home. Morgan, a hard worker with great perseverance, was involved from day one, learned new skills and assisted in helping build and frame her future home.

Now, Morgan has been safely living in a fully framed and insulated small home. It is complete with plumbing and a septic system. Through all of her hardships, Morgan has continued to work and now runs her own vacation rental cleaning business where she earns a sustainable income. She has been able to provide for herself and her daughter, who is now in her teen years. Her positive attitude and joyful spirit is contagious.

Homes From The Heart CO is continuing to gather monetary donations and volunteers in order to drywall the interior of Morgan's home. Once drywall is completed, Morgan will be able to finish her kitchen and living areas with hardware and furniture she has been collecting. Donations and your time are greatly appreciated. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Watch Morgan's interview video below and view the interior and exterior of her small home.

- Written by Kat, Marketing - Homes From The Heart CO